Pakistan is a progressing country, and there is no limit of talented people living here. Unfortunately, the rate of unemployment is increasing day by day has led to a higher level of poverty. The youth including both men and women are much worried about earning a living. I’ve seen hundreds and thousands of people struggling to survive, but all in vain. Might you have heard of the term “make money online”? Well, if yes then there is much hype about it, but not all are exactly sure how to utilize their skills and earn a living from it. Moreover, there are a lot of scams, in this field. However, my guide on top 3 ways of making money online in Pakistan will not only save you from scams, but also you can kick your shitty 9-7 office Job and make a full-time income online. If you are a jobless person or a housewife who has enough time to invest in something useful, then must read until end of this discussion.




Content writing is one of the easiest ways of earning money online. Even if you don’t have the skills of content writing, you can spend a week and do some research on writing an SEO optimized and engaging content. However, the basic requirement is that your Grammar must be good.

Where Can I earn with content writing?

There are some quality Sites like:


You can make a profile and list your skills. Once it is live buyers will contact you. A content writer can easily earn $500-$5000+ per month. You can receive payments via PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill. But, most of these sites prefer PayPal that isn’t available in Pakistan. Still, you can verify PayPal with the help of Payoneer quite easily.


The average graphic designers are making an easy $250-$3000 and more a month. You can use your creative mind and design logos, headers and much more for people around the world and get paid. Graphic designing demand is increasing day by day. So, you can learn the skills of Photoshop and become a graphic designer in no time.,, and many other sites have thousands of buyers who need their graphic designing work done. You can easily find some clients there!


A blog can be about any topic. It can be a blog on general discussion, health, money, insurance, etc. or any niche. It depends on your interest as to which type of blog you’ll establish. Suppose, if you love to explore the benefits of food, then you can publish a health and food blog and write the article on health benefits of different foods.

How do I make money with blogging?

Once your blog is getting enough traffic from search engines, you can optimize it with Google Adsense ads. Whenever a visitor clicks on this ad, you get a particular amount paid in your AdSense account. There are other networks like Chitika, Infolinks, Taboola, that pay you for visitors.

I hope you did love our guide on ways of making money online in Pakistan. It surely will take some time to learn the skills required, but would be worth the time invested.



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